Reporting at Copleston

Frequent feedback to parents about the progress of students is an important aspect of our work.
All students are regularly assessed in line with the school Assessment Policy, and progress reported to parents.
All students receive two reports per year. Dates of reports and Parents' Evenings for the current academic year are published in advance on the school calendar which is available on the website.  We also issue a calendar to all parents and a booklet which gives further information about Copleston reports and Go4Schools. 

What do we report?

Reports are presented in the format of a single report sheet, and contain the following information for each subject.

  • KS3 Target level (Year 7 and 8 students only) or Target Grade for the end of KS4 (Years 9, 10 and 11) or KS5 Target grade (Years 12 and 13).
  • Estimated End of Course Grade (KS4 and 5).  This indicates what we would, in the teacher's professional judgement, estimate the student will achieve at the end of the course. 
  • Mock exam results (KS4 and 5). If students have recently sat mock exams, then the result will be displayed.
  • Progress toward target (KS3). This statement indicates how well students are achieving in relation to their target in Year 7 and 8.
  • Learning Profile.  This gives an indication of the child's attitude and approach to learning, including independence, resilience (ability to stick at harder tasks) and the amount of guidance and direction that each child needs.
  • Classwork profile.  This gives a general indication of the quality of the child's work.  Work which is missing, incomplete, poorly done will seriously impair progress.
  • Homework profile. This gives a general indication of the quality of the child's homework.  Homework is important to help secure and develop learning.
  • Positives. These codes indicate what the child is doing particularly well in each subject. 

We also provide an attendance certificate with each report and, once a year, a pastoral report written by the Form Tutor and or Head of Year. Students’ total behaviour points are also recorded on the report. Students have the opportunity to comment on their own reports and progress, formally, once per year.
We are always happy to see parents who have concerns about their children's progress and encourage parents to make contact at the earliest opportunity.  Likewise, if we have concerns about any child's progress, we will contact home and arrange a meeting to discuss progress, and what we can do to promote their success.

More information about Copleston reports and Go4Schools can be found in our Guide Book.

Guide KS3

Guide KS4

Parents' Evenings

A Parents' Consultation Evening for each year group is held once per year, giving parents and carers an opportunity to discuss their child's progress with subject teachers. 
Students are very welcome to attend Parents' Evenings - indeed we often find that conversations are more meaningful and have more impact when pupils are present!
In Year 10 and 11 a Concerns Evening for invited parents only is held in term one.  The purpose of this early meeting with parents is to ensure that those students whose progress early in the year is giving cause for concern are identified and action taken to ensure that their progress is improved before it is too late.
In the Sixth Form Parents' Consultation Evenings for each year group are held twice per year.

Tracking and Monitoring

All report data is collated and reviewed by Heads of Department, Heads of Year and Learning Directors, and the information used to identify those students whose progress is giving cause for concern.  Appropriate intervention will be put in place to help students who are in danger of falling behind, to catch up.  This might be at the classroom level, or may involve attendance at booster classes and other sessions.