Who are you becoming?

At Copleston we provide the teaching, information, guidance and support to give our students the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We expect them to work with, and at, a growth mindset and to believe that intelligence can be developed. Our aim is to maximise our students’ opportunities to achieve academic success and to develop as young adults.
We offer a secure learning environment, and our students quickly progress into motivated, independent learners. Our students become critical thinkers, encouraged to build a balance between the demands of study and outside commitments. As a result they prosper when they progress into Higher Education or Employment.
Time and care is spent on a timetable to suit each individual’s needs. The highest value is placed on your achievements and wellbeing. Each student’s progress is carefully monitored to help them thrive in a friendly, academic and aspirational environment.

Changes to A levels

In September 2016 we see the second stage of the changes to the structure of A-levels. These changes mean that subjects will continue to move away from the previous AS/A2 modular system to a straightforward (linear) A level where the final grade will depend on the exams taken at the end of the course. These changes are being brought in over three years and initially applied to the following subjects: Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computing, English Language, English Literature, Graphics, History, Photography, Physics, Psychology and Sociology. In September 2016 they will also apply to Modern Foreign Languages, PE, Music, Design and Technology and Further Maths.
• At Copleston we have taken the decision to enter all students on linear and modular courses for AS exams at the end of Year 12 (June 2017).
• Whilst for linear courses these results will not count towards their final ‘A’ Level grades in Year 13, students are awarded ‘stand alone’ grades for each course that will give them credit towards university application. These count for 40% towards their UCAS points.
• For ‘modular’ courses, as before, the exams count towards 50% of their final grade at A2. 
• Students are free to choose subjects of either type to make up their A level Courses.
By opting to offer the AS exam for all students, we hope to focus students on ‘real’ outcomes toward the end of Year 12, highlight their significance in gaining accreditation for University entrance and also have an independent assessment against which to measure progress.
With change there always comes some uncertainty, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to know more.

Engaging and Stimulating

We welcome students with a desire to achieve, and our tutors will support you in the exciting challenges that you will encounter. You will find Copleston Sixth Form a vital and energising place to be; full of opportunities both academic and extra-curricular. Tutors and subject staff will encourage you to aim high and assist you in choosing the direction that is right for you.
Sixth Formers are the senior students in Copleston. They have privileges as well as responsibilities. Being part of a progressive, energetic and happy Sixth Form is an stimulating and rewarding experience, one in which we hope you will choose to get involved.
We place an emphasis on bespoke individual programmes which allow each student to maximise their potential. Once you have made your application to Copleston Sixth Form you will have interviews with our specialist team to ensure that your chosen programme is appropriate for your ability, interests and future career aspirations. What you study will be crucial to what you go on to do in the future and it is essential that your programme is right for you.


Students who attend Copleston Sixth Form receive bespoke academic and pastoral support from a wide range of staff. Form tutors, your first port of call, watch over the progress and welfare of their students: you will have a number of one-to-one interviews with them during the year to enable reflection upon your progress and to set targets to help you to improve even further. The responsibility for the pastoral care and monitoring of student performance lies with the Specialist Director of Sixth Form. Both year groups have the same Head of Sixth Form who oversees the daily care, guidance and support of students. This enhances the stability, continuity, care and excellent relationships that exist between students, parents and the Sixth Form. We will be there to listen to you and will work to support you. In addition to the pastoral and academic care of the Sixth Form team, each subject tutor has the responsibility to monitor your performance and provide you with the guidance to support progress. At the start of your programme you will agree upon realistic but challenging target grades. Your progress will be monitored against these targets, and acting on the feedback from subject staff will help you to improve your performance. Student Voice There will be several opportunities to discuss your progress with your tutors and parents. Alongside Consultation Evenings we also run a drop-in session every half term for students and their parents to provide an opportunity for further advice and guidance about progress and performance. Once every half term you will be involved in a small group dialogue to discuss your learning and encourage reflection on working practises. In some subjects, you will also be assigned a subject buddy mentor from Year 13 who will share with you their learning from Year 12 and pass on the secrets of Year 13, enriching your understanding of your circumstances and providing you with a further sounding board for your academic development; their dialogue with you will enhance their development as learners and train you for the same role next year.

‘I am the Master of my Fate’- Invictus

Being a Sixth Former is a wonderful chance to achieve your potential; a moment in time when you can take charge of your future. As a Sixth Form student you will be expected to take greater responsibility for the way you learn. We will support and guide you about the ways to achieve your best but your passion for learning will be at the heart of your success. Every day, every lesson and every assignment will be designed to provide challenge and rigour.

The 5 R’s at Copleston Sixth Form – Our way of Working

Our philosophy towards learning is clear and straightforward.
• We will guide and support you into becoming students who take responsibility for their learning by preparing for lessons, ensuring accountability for performance.
• We will expect you to be resourceful in reinforcing your learning by ordering and revising your notes after lessons
• To demonstrate respect for your subject by using your notes as a springboard to read around, watch footage and engage in research.
• To practise resilience by re-writing, re-drafting and learning from others to develop your understanding of the criteria for success.
• To become a reflective student with a growth mindset able to act on feedback and enter a ‘where do I go next to get better’ dialogue with your teachers, parents and your peers, We firmly believe these working practises are the foundations for success, leading to the final R – better results. Dedicating yourself to taking responsibility for your learning behaviours at this level will ensure the years spent in the Sixth From are rewarding and will stand you in good stead for the future

Your School, Your Community

The Sixth Form and its students are expected to make a significant contribution to the school. There are opportunities for all Sixth Formers to get involved in school life by helping out in main school lessons, mentoring younger students, being part of the Sixth Form Forum or the School Council. The School’s Head Boy and Girl are Sixth Form students. There are also a wide range of sporting, music, fundraising and social events that students can get involved in. We are proud to have fantastic sporting facilities and the Sixth Form encourages all students to follow the sporting ethos of teamwork and getting involved. We are equally proud of our Sports Academies and the opportunities they provide for talented athletes to combine their academic studies with high quality training. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a community Sixth Form and want Copleston Students to feel that their Sixth Form is the place to be, where they are known, will be looked after and given every opportunity to succeed. We will interview and support all those Year 11 students who want information and guidance after receiving their results, and we work with them to provide the where next advice that can make all the difference to their futures.


Many of our students choose to go on to Higher Education. Our UCAS specialist provides advice and guidance about university and career paths throughout your time at Sixth Form. We have an outstanding record for securing students a place at University. In the summer term of Year 12 you will take part in our ‘What Next? Day’: to help you to make decisions about what and where to study at university, and how to prepare for making your UCAS application. For all students there are opportunities to visit universities, attend career and university presentations in and outside of Sixth Form and work on applications and interview techniques. One-to-one consultations about university and careers are always available, and our Careers Library is well equipped to help you make informed choices about your future pathway. PSHE is used to support Post 18 progression preparation and we hold a successful Higher Education Evening for parents to ensure that they are fully informed about key information. Employment and Apprenticeship information and preparation is also available for students who wish to take a different pathway at the end of their time at Sixth Form.


Below are the entry requirements for the different programmes that we offer at Copleston Sixth Form. You can use this information as a starting point to decide which pathway is right for you.
• GCSE grades are changing and for 2016/17 Maths and English and English Literature GCSE’s will be awarded in the new numerical grades, running from 1-9.
• Broadly the same proportion of students will achieve a grade 4 and above as currently achieve a grade C and above.
• Broadly the same proportion of students will achieve a grade 7 and above as currently achieve an A and above.
• For each examination, the top 20 per cent of those who get grade 7 or above will get a grade 9 – these will be the very highest performers.

You are recommended to study the following, according to your achievement at GCSE:
• 4 AS levels – at least 5 grade B’s or numbered equivalents in different GCSEs or other Level 2 courses.
• 3 AS levels – at least 5 grade C’s or numbered equivalents in different GCSEs or other Level 2 courses.
• Level 2 – mainly D grades or numbered equivalents at GCSE.
• In addition all students are now expected to continue to study English and/or maths until they have achieved a GCSE grade C in both subjects.
Some courses will also have their own specific entry requirements. In exceptional circumstances, however, we will consider the applications of students who don’t meet the set entry requirements and whose estimated grades indicate that they could cope with the demands of the course. Such requests will be discussed at interview after the application deadline. We work hard to accommodate as many subject combinations as possible; however, it may not be possible to cater from all. In these circumstances we will endeavour to put together an alternative programme which best suits each student’s aptitude, interests and career aspirations in consultation with the student, parents and appropriate careers guidance.


We are very proud to have a number of successful sports academies as part of our Sixth Form. Students who wish to combine a high quality academic experience with the opportunity to develop their talents to an elite level will be will catered for at Copleston. Our two academies – basketball and dance – are all run by specialist coaches and have had major success in sporting tournaments, both at a regional and national level. As a member of Copleston Sports Academy and Sixth Form you will benefit from:
• Individual academic programmes which allow each student to maximise their potential.
• Academic and pastoral support from a wide range of staff.
• A Head of Sixth Form who oversees the daily care, guidance and support of students.
• Specialist advice and guidance about university and career paths that is readily available throughout your time in Sixth Form. We also have huge experience and success in getting student to university in America; if that is something you aspire to.
• Weekly high level training in your chosen sport.
• High level competitive fixtures.
• High quality playing and training kit provided free of charge.
• Access to a professional strength and conditioning coach, who will work with you to design a programme tailored to your individual requirements.
• Free access to a highly qualified professional sports physiotherapist when required.
• Free usage of the schools comprehensive fitness suite.
Those students who are interested in our Sports Academies can gain more information from our website or from Mr Leach our Head of Sixth Form and Sports Academies Director.
dleach@copleston.suffolk.sch.uk Students wishing to gain a place in one of our Sports Academies will need to indicate their interest on the application form by ticking the relevant sport’s box.


• Talk with your parents, subject staff and read the course guide to help you to decide which subjects to take and how many to put in your programme.
• Research your possible career choices to find out which course(s) are required.
• Complete the application form enclosed in your course guide. This will need to be handed into the Year 12 office by the closing date of Wednesday 7th December 2016. We welcome applications from students from all schools. Please contact the Specialist Director of Sixth Form, Mr.Hall, to arrange a visit.
Whilst we aim to meet each student’s needs, we may be unable to accommodate every single subject request or combination of subject choices. Where applicable, we will endeavour to put together an alternative programme in consultation with the student, their parents and appropriate careers guidance.