Life Skills

What Will I Learn?

The course is designed to work with a small cohort of young people for will benefit from an option block based on the development of person skills and experiences. The course harnesses several different qualifications to allow students to develop them in a number of ways.

Prince's Trust

Students will complete a number of units for the Prince's Trust course to allow them to receive a nationally recognised qualification. The units we look at fit well with the projects that are covered. To achieve the award, students complete booklets as they progress through the year which are externally moderated.

Personal Project

The first task the students complete on the course is a project chosen by them to research a topic of their choice before doing small group presentations to groups of 2-3 students. The aim is to allow the teacher to assess where the students are with their confidence levels and independent skills.

Enterprise Project

The students work to design an enterprise activity based on a Christmas theme throughout the autumn terms. The students research their own ideas before presenting to the class where the top 3 designs are chosen. The students then work on this activity in teams before completing the task at Christmas. Students are able to develop the following Prince’s Trust units while doing this: • Teamwork • Presentation skills

Managing Money

Pupils learn the importance of money. Pupils will be shown how to budget, the importance of debt and how best to avoid it, different aspects of bank accounts and what deductions are taken from our wage packets and where that money is spent.
To develop this vital subject area further the students also complete a field trip to a local supermarket where we discuss the budgeting of a weekly shop.

First Aid

In Year 11 students will complete a First Aid course (First Aid for Work Certificate), this is left until the final year so that students have the qualification for as long as possible when leaving school.

Interpersonal and Self-management Skills

Throughout the three years the students will learn how their behaviour and interactions with others can shape what others think of them. They will be taught the importance of both verbal and nonverbal communication. They will be shown how to manage their time more productively which will be an essential skill in Year 11, where revision and exams are very important.

Work Experience

In Year 10 students are supported to look at types of placement they would like to complete for their Work Experience. The students also have additional time to write letters of application and to complete their preparation and reviews. The aim is to ensure students gain the best possible experience from the two weeks.

Additional Literacy and Numeracy

Throughout the course students are given additional lessons to support their core subjects, these lessons are not only linked to the work they are doing in main lessons but also to the topics covered on the Life Skills course. An example of this is the use of maths when creating household budgets and finance.