In the academic year 2016/17, trips were offered to students across the school as shown in the table below. Some of our trips were residential such as the 1st World War Battlefields in Belgium, Water sports Activities in France as well as our week of activities. We also offered many theatre trips, museums, concerts and visits to places of interests.

We recognise the importance of safety and well-being of everyone when on such visits and have a rigorous process which has to be adhered to when students visit sites. This involves completing a parental consent form for each visit. It is important that this is completed in advance of each visit as circumstances do change and we must have accurate contact information.


Subject  Date School Trip Venue Year Group
Geography 10/03/2017 Brighton Brighton 6th Form
Geography 25/11/2017 Tectronics London 6th Form
English 23/11/2016 Blood Brothers Various Theatres Year 10
History   30/03/2017 Berlin  Berlin 6th Form
Ski Trip 31/03/2017 Ski Trip Austria All Years
History  14/02/2017 Records Office Ipswich 6th Form
History  16/02/2017 Houses of Parliament London 6th Form
Year 7 07/12/2016 Panto Ipswich Year 7
Tutor Trips 22/04/2017 Thorpe Park Thorpe Park Years 9 & 11
IT  08/12/2017 Cambridge Computing  Cambridge Year 9
Drama  25/11/2016 Curious Dog London 6th Form
Drama  28/09/2017 Romeo & Juliette London 6th Form
Drama  20/04/2017 Woman In Black London Year 10
Art  06/02/2017 Tate & Tate River Cruise  London Year 9
Dance   10/03/2017 Move It London All Years
Dance   14/09/2017 Saddler Wells London 6th Form
Science   03/10/2016 Colchester Zoo Colchester 6th Form
Science   07/07/2017 Norfolk Field Trip  Norfolk 6th Form 
History  29/09/2017 Battlefields Sept 2017 Belgium Year 11
Business St  01/12/2016 London Zoo London 6th Form
Business St  08/11/2016 Harry Potter Watford 6th Form
Business St 21/03/2017 Bowling & Laser Tag Ipswich 6th Form
Business St  27/03/2017 Ice Skating Chelmsford 6th Form
Sixth Form 23/06/2017 Sixth Form Prom 17 Ipswich 6th Form
Sail France  10/06/2017 Sail France 17 France Year 8
New York 02/03/2016 New York New York 6th Form
Ardeche 2017 09/06/2017 Ardeche 2017 France & Med Year 9
Year 11 Prom  07/07/2017 Year 11 Prom Ipswich Year 11
Duke of Edinburgh July & Sept Duke of Edinburgh Thetford All Years
Trips were organised as part of course work not open to all