Work Experience

Our students recently completed their work experience and we had a lot of positive feedback about the students during their time at their placements.

Below is some of the positive feedback we have had.

 “We are delighted with the progress she has made and have seen her confidence grow in this short space of time. She has embraced this experience fully and is a credit to her School.”
“His attitude, enthusiasm and skill has been exemplary.”
“She has stood out as a natural leader during the two weeks – always volunteering to take on tasks.”
“A ‘natural’. He used initiative and formed good relationships with adults and pupils.”
“It has been a pleasure having the girls carry out their work experience with us. They have worked well with both staff and customers. I wish them well for their futures.”
“He is a credit to your School.”
“A pleasure to have this last couple of weeks, he was very enthusiastic and showed genuine interest in all aspects that he shadowed.”
“When he turns 16, if we have any jobs we will be offering him one.”
“She has shown great enthusiasm throughout her time with us and delivered all tasks to an extremely high standard.”
“He has been a pleasure to work with and is a credit to his family and school.”
“Everyone commented on how mature he was. Without exception, all feedback was very positive.”
“It was a pleasure to have her, she was very willing to assist with any task and her maturity enabled her to sit in on a few client meetings during the two weeks.”
“She has a natural ability encouraging the children to achieve. Thank you for all your hard work.”
“He has shown willingness and interest throughout the whole experience – very employable in the future.”
“I have been particularly pleased with the 1:1 support he has given, showing kindness and being a great role model.”
“He was an exceptional student. Whatever he chooses to do going forward, I expect him to do well.”
“A credit to the school and his family. He has an excellent attitude and willingness to learn. He showed confidence rarely seen in work experience students of this age.”
“It was great to see her confidence grow over the 2 weeks.”
“An open minded individual willing to learn and readily took on advice and guidance.”
“She has been polite, studious and attentive. It has been our pleasure to have her here for this week. We wish her every success in the future.”