Welcome to Copleston High School

Ofsted, the government body that inspects schools, reported that Copleston is a good school with some outstanding features in May 2013. Since then, our results have continued to improve.

What do I need to know?

Where is the school?
A map can be found on our home page under ABOUT US then Location/Map.

All students who join the school in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are required to wear uniform. There are images of what is acceptable on our home page under the STUDENTS link then click on UNIFORM then scroll down the page to the images. Students are expected to wear correct uniform from their first day. Students who do not comply with our rules may be sent home. The school sweatshirt is available from PMG Schoolwear in Westgate Street in Ipswich. The specified trousers and PE kit are available from Coes on Norwich Road in Ipswich.

Parent Pay
We will take your child’s fingerprint when they come to school. This allows them to get food and refreshments at school without having to carry cash. Carers are responsible for making sure that enough money is in their child’s account to pay for meals. The library operates a similar system. Breakfast is offered along with snacks at break and meals at lunchtime.

The curriculum
All students study English Language, English Literature, mathematics and science from the ages of 11-16. All students also take part in PE lessons until they are 16. We provide each student with basic equipment such as paper, exercise books and text books. The student is responsible for having pens, pencils, rulers and other equipment. All students are expected to participate fully in all lessons.

The school day
Students register at 0825 and are marked late at 0830. Students then attend lessons as follows:
0840-0945 period 1
0945-1050 period 2
1050-1110 break (a warning bell sounds at 11.05)
1110-1215 period 3
1215-1300 lunch
1300-1405 period 4
1405-1510 period 5

School closes at 1405 each Wednesday. There are a variety of clubs and activities available for students and all students are encouraged to attend. A list of activities is available on our homepage under EXTRA CURRICULAR then WOW.

Term dates
These can be found on our home page ABOUT US then Term Dates.

Students are expected to come to school ready to learn. Students must obey all school rules. For example, no mobile phones are to be used in lessons and eating in lessons is not acceptable. Students who disobey school rules will be subject to sanctions. Racism, homophobia, sexism and all other types of discrimination or bullying are not tolerated. 

This is set regularly and must be completed. Failure to complete homework tasks will result in a sanction.

Students who achieve well and who try hard in lessons will be rewarded. 

These are usually detentions and can vary according to the context. Failure to attend detentions will result in an escalation of punishments resulting in exclusion in very severe cases. This is very rare at Copleston.

Log books
These are issued free to all students. The log book Contains essential information about the school
  • Is a record of homework set with due dates – the student is responsible for recording homework
  • Contains that student’s timetable
  • Is a means through which carers can communicate with the school if necessary
  • Is the student’s responsibility
  • Can be asked for at any time by any teacher

Contact us

Details of how to do this are on our homepage.