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Copleston High School


The principal aim of this school is to enable every student to be as successful academically and socially as possible in a warm and caring environment.

This will be brought about by continually developing a stimulating curriculum, supported by high standards of teaching and learning and by offering a wide range of extra curricular activities. Concern for the individual is a key principle so that all students feel valued and strive for success, not only for themselves, but also for the school as a whole. In a fast changing, technological world we need to develop life-long learners who can cope with change. Young people should communicate effectively, co-operate in teams, develop research skills, use new technology with confidence, and take responsibility for their own learning and actions. Looking forward is not at the expense of traditional standards - high expectations are necessary to encourage young people to develop a reasoned set of attitudes and beliefs which will enhance the quality of their lives as responsible, caring and thoughtful members of society. Readiness for life beyond school is at the heart of what we offer our students.



Copleston High School is committed to providing opportunities for all. We believe that pupils who are involved in a range of activities at school will be successful in their academic progress.

“If you want something to be done well ask a busy person.”

We believe that students benefit from involvement in a range of clubs, trips, music, drama, dance, art, technology and sporting opportunities.  Not everyone enjoys every type of activity but we offer something for everyone. It can also be beneficial to get involved in activities outside of your comfort zone. We encourage everyone to develop new skills and interests by joining in this wide range of opportunities inside and outside of lessons.

We passionately believe in the wonderful benefits gained from a residential experience and every student will be offered this opportunity whilst at the school.



We also believe that good relationships are key to academic progress. Pupils need to feel happy and confident at school. Hence, good relationships between students, between staff and students and between parents and staff are vital.We all need to treat every other member of our school community with courtesy and respect and to show this mutual respect for all cultures, religions and ways of life.  We are able to extend this influence to the wider community where we see our work with other schools, clubs and individuals as helping students further develop the skills and values necessary to enter society as active participants and responsible contributors.


Ethos and Values

If our students are to face the future with confidence, they will need attitudes and values which will sustain them through both personal difficulties and social change. They will need to be resilient. The needs of students to know themselves, to gain self-esteem, to learn how to learn, to develop an understanding of society and, above all, to establish positive attitudes and clear values, will always be before us. The environment of classrooms, corridors and grounds, the patterns of human contact and the values they demonstrate are important signals to parents and students. It is by the careful organisation, planning and maintenance of all aspects of school life around a shared philosophy based upon the ideal of serving the needs of our students that we at Copleston can ensure the school's continued success. In the interests of all, personal limitations have to be accepted and relationships have to be structured - socially unacceptable behaviour has to be challenged. School must be a place where students can gain self-esteem. All pupils need to feel that they have gained much that is worthwhile from school. We must, therefore, achieve an atmosphere where all our students can enjoy their learning within a secure and stimulating environment.

Our school motto

“Achieving Success together”

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