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Copleston High School


Our Copleston Culture programme that all year 9 students study is a unique chance for students to explore, discuss and learn about the broader world and important issues. Students will read fiction and non-fiction and share and develop their individual views on race, migrancy, class systems, gender, discrimination and learn about political systems and ideologies as well as discover art, history and music that was inspired by such ideas and movements. 

The course is taught through a series of lessons that focus on reading- led by the teacher- discussion and debate and questioning of the issues in the novels they study. This in turn develops students' deeper level thinking and encourages them to have enquiring minds. The aim is for all students to appreciate, through empathy, the diverse backgrounds and lives of many other people through a fictional means. To complement this, students also then have their minds broadened via a study of non-fiction texts, exploring how key periods of time have influenced society and helped shape our views of the world. This is an exciting, bespoke course and one that the maturing young adult will truly benefit from. 

Please see below for our programme of study.