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Copleston High School

Statutory Information (Compliance)

There is certain information that all schools and colleges must or should publish online, as set out by the Department for Education at the following link:

As our website contains a large body of information, this page is designed to signpost this information so that it is easy to locate. 

School or college contact details

Our full contact details can be found in the footer on our homepage

The name of our Principal and other senior staff can be found on our Staff List

The member of staff who deals with queries from parents will be your child's Leader of Learning in the first instance. Members of the public should contact our receptionist via phone or e-mail. 

Details of our Chair of Governors can be found on our Governors page and can be contacted via our school e-mail address if needed. 

The name and contact details of our SENDCO can be found within our SEND Policy document on our Policies page and at the bottom of our Learning Support page. 

The website, address and telephone number of our academy trust can be accessed by clicking on the Gippeswyk Communiity Educational Trust icon at the bottom of every page or by clicking here to visit the page directly. 

Admission arrangements

Our admissions arrangements can be found within our admissions policy on our Policies page.  Further information can also be found on our Admissions page for parents. 

School uniforms

Details of our uniform and suppliers can be found on our Uniform page. 

Ofsted reports

A link to our most recent Ofsted Report can be found on our Ofsted page. 

Test, exam and assessment results

Our latest examination results are published on our Examination Results page. 

Performance measures website

A link to the school and collect performance measures website can be found on our School Performance Tables page. 

School opening hours

The timings of our school day can be found on the School Day page and our Curriculum Policy on our Policies page gives further details of the hours of learning offered. 


Details of our curriculum can be found on the Curriculum page. From here, there are links to individual subject pages on which you will find curriculum maps for every subject. For further details or clarification on any aspect of our curriculum, you can contact the relevant Head of Department or a member of our Senior Leadership Team, names of whom are on our Staff List page. 

Remote education

Details of how any remote education might be implemented are found on our Home (and Remote) Learning page. This includes guides for parents about how remote learning has been carried out in the past. If remote learning is considered necessary in any circumstance, the most up-to-date details will be communicated to parents via Parentmail. 

Behaviour policy

Our Behaviour for Learning policy is set out on our Policies page.  

Pupil premium and recovery premium

Our Pupil Premium Statement can be found at the bottom of our Pupil Premium page. 

PE and sport premium for primary schools

(Not applicable)

Public sector equality duty

Details of our compliance with public sector equality duty can be found in our "Equality Information Workbook" document and our Equality Policy on our Policies page.  

We also publish an Equality Newsletter for parents which can be found on our Equality, Inclusivity and Diversity page. 

Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

Details of our SEND provision can be found in our SEND Policy and Information Report document on our Policies page, with additional information for parents and students on our Learning Support page. 

Careers programme information

The name, e-mail address and telephone number of our Careers Lead can be found on our Careers page. 

Details of our Careers programme can be found in our IAG Policy on our Policies page., with detailed guides and information for students on our Careers pages, along with timelines for careers events, work experience etc. 

Complaints policy

The GCET complaints policy can be found on our Policies page.  

Our whistle-blowing procedure can be viewed via the link to our Trust policies on our own Policies page, or via the direct link here:

Annual reports and accounts

Our annual reports and accounts are published on our Trust website. These can be accessed via the Finance page which includes a link to the Trust finance statements. 

Executive pay

Executive pay is detailed within our GCET Executive Pay document on the trust website. You can access this via the Finance page which includes a direct link to this page on the trust website. 

Trustees’ information and duties

Details of our governing body can be found on our Governors page, including profiles for each governor. 

Details of our Trustees can be found on the GCET website at

Charging and remissions policies

Our charging and remissions policy can be found on the GCET website Policies page which can be accessed via the link on our own  Policies page or directly via the Trust website here:

Values and ethos

Our values and ethos are described on our Ethos, Mission, Vision and Values page. 

Requests for copies

We can provide a paper copy of any of the information on our website if requested by a parent. Please contact the school via our e-mail address.