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Copleston High School

'How to become a construction manager' -

Outlines the responsibilities of a construction manager, required qualifications and skills, average salary and career progression opportunities.

General information about this industry can be found here: Construction

For government official information about working in construction

Local construction company, Barnes, offers information on their website: Barnes Construction

Locally known construction company, Wates, also offers invaluable information 

Government advice and information about employment in engineering and maintenance

Click here for careers information about this area from 'I Can Be A...' Construction work information

The BBC offers job profiles from those working in this industry: BBC Construction work case study videos

Go to 'My World of Work for even more insights and information Construction information and videos

The careers website 'Prospects' offers a wide range of information about this industry too: Prospects on Construction

Click on the BBC Make It Into website to see various employees sharing their insights BBC Make it Into...

Watch James' story. He is MD and owner of Superstructures Engineering. He is a Chartered Structural Engineer with experience in a wide range of building structures, big and small. YouTube video of James

Nicky Paine, Liaison Manager at Balfour Beatty. Nicky currently works on a flood defence project for King’s Lynn Drainage Board, replacing the existing pumping station in King’s Lynn to provide better flood protection for the surrounding area YouTube video from NIcky


Suffolk New College Training Information

West Suffolk College Training and Courses

Click here for a list of companies in the local area that may be offering help and/or employment: 

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce Information

Information from 'I Can Be A...' Construction Information



Work experience opportunities