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Copleston High School

Our curriculum has been described by Ofsted as outstanding and we are confident that they would use this word again. We provide our students with a curriculum which is broad, balanced and relevant to every one of our learners. We want our curriculum to equip students with the real knowledge they need in order to succeed in life and so that they can become confident and independent young people ready to make the right, informed choices as they move on through each stage and beyond. A range of extra-curricular activities enriches and supplements the main programme and takes their learning outside the borders of the classroom.

All our year groups follow the National Curriculum, studying subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and PE. All students also study PSHEe/Citizenship either through our unique form time programme- The Base (years 7-11) and The Apex (sixth form) as well as timetabled lessons or bespoke sessions throughout Key Stages 3 and 4.  Curriculum breadth and depth are critical to allowing student to understand their classroom learning. Issues such as financial management, study skills, sex and relationships and what is means to be British are studied. Our curriculum is designed and developed by our subject specialists who are experienced and have researched to know that the content they provide is going to give students the best chance of success. 

In Years 7 and 8, students follow the curriculum as described in more detail on our subject curriculum pages. We believe that students need both skills and core understanding to learn well. We plan for, and deliver, memory for learning skills so that students can learn how best to learn. Students are assessed in a wide range of skills that help to prepare them for the rigours of Key Stage 4. Our year 7 and 8 curriculum also builds in adaptations and flexibility as appropriate- for example, some students may need extra support with literacy and numeracy and, by careful monitoring, this is implemented for students as appropriate. Our purpose is to close any gaps and ensure students are thoroughly ready for the next step in their learning. 

Students of all abilities are entitled to gaining and securing the powerful knowledge required in the classroom and beyond in their maturing life. They are also entitled to qualifications that will improve their life chances. Therefore, at Copleston, we believe in preparing students thoroughly both for assessments and for any future study. In year 9 all students also study 'Copleston Culture'- a unique course that allows them to discover more beyond the classroom around important topics and themes such as race, gender identity, class, economic and class systems and art and music. Our curriculum is also enriched by a wealth of other activities on offer such as field trips, theatre visits, sporting events, musical instrument tuition, drama productions, activity holidays, summer camps, revision classes, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and art exhibitions. We also offer an individually chosen programme of enrichment activities, taking place on Wednesday afternoons (called WoW – What’s on Wednesdays – by the students) that is unique and available to all year 7 and 8 students. These activities are broad and far reaching and can include photography, chess, Lego, baking, media, writing amongst sport and physical activities. 

In the Autumn Term of their Year 11, students choose the sixth form subjects that include subjects studied in the main school alongside new ones such as Psychology, Government and Politics and Economics. We then guide our students to make pertinent A level and post 16 choices to help them take a confident and able step towards further study or the path they choose post 18.  Whatever route they follow, we feel that our curriculum will have helped prepare them to become confident, independent young thinkers that will develop into citizens ready for the modern world.