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If you’ve got a passion for food and drink there could be something here for you. Whether you want to sell, cook, serve food or serve drinks there’s a job in this sector where you can put your interests into practice.


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The hospitality industry covers everything from bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, contract catering to nightclubs and visitor attractions.

The job possibilities in hospitality are endless with positions available at all levels from apprenticeships to senior management. Explore them here at Icanbea.....


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From managing a restaurant or hotel to organising events and catering, there are a range of hospitality careers on offer if you have the right skills and qualifications.


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Hospitality revolves around providing excellent customer service in a variety of positions. The hospitality industry is unique and varied, it’s not your typical 9 to 5 job. There are many different kinds of jobs, including many of the roles available at hotels, restaurants, activity centres, and event planning services. Find out about them here:


Find out what it's like to be a Head Chef at a busy restaurant, The best and worst parts!


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