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Copleston High School

In Drama and Performing Arts lessons at Copleston students will work collaboratively in groups with their peers to create performances that they have devised themselves as well as exploring existing scripts/play texts. The aim is not just to develop performance skills, but also to work on communication and confidence and both of these underpin the tasks/focus of each Drama and Performing Arts lesson.

We also offer Extra-curricular opportunities in the form of a whole school musical production in February each year, as well as taking part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival yearly also.

Curriculum Maps

A summary of some of the topics we study are outlined in our curriculum maps:

How will my child be assessed?


Assessment and Feedback Outline Approach


2 units are taught each term, 1 of these units has a formal summative assessment which receives detailed written Teacher feedback. This is fed back in the KS3 Drama booklets.  The other unit has more of a practical focus and evaluation is completed in verbal form by students. Teachers give immediate verbal feedback throughout lessons and also in response to every performance, outlining positives and areas to develop. Peer and self-assessment appears in every unit in both written and verbal form.


Each unit completed is a mock of the actual exam units which we do in Year 11 to complete the GCSE course. This ensures that all feedback given is relevant to the course, as we do not teach/study any units that are not mocks of the 3 units sat.  Written Mock exams in Year 10 and 11 also have detailed written feedback and students are made to respond to feedback by revisiting and improving answers to longer mark questions.  Students self and peer assess in every unit, and this is a vital part of their coursework also. Each half term students are given a lengthy A4 feedback sheet detailing positives/improvements made and addressing areas to develop alongside also being set a target for the next half term.


Year 12 is again a practice of the 4 units of the A Level course, which are sat/undertaken in Year 13. Weekly essays on the set texts are set and lengthy written feedback linked to mark schemes is provided. The constant re-visiting of the exam questions ensures that students have regular feedback and does not let one unit/exam paper fall short whilst another is being taught. There are 2 written exams and 3 set texts, so weekly essays are alternated between the 3 to give fair access to all. Students are given 1-2-1 coursework feedback sessions, in these sessions they are provided with lengthy written feedback plus verbal feedback on how to develop their coursework.  This is also the case after formal mock exams.