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Copleston High School

Energy engineers work on developing solutions for improving energy consumption and use, including sources of renewable energy. Find out more about this career and others in the energy and water industry here:


Explore careers linked to the environment and energy with the National Careers Service:


Explore careers as an energy engineer with the National Careers Service:


The energy industry is extremely prevalent in our region, not only due to the historically rich oil and gas pickings from the North Sea, but because of an evolving nuclear power strategy and huge offshore wind opportunities.  Careers can span everything involved from production to the consumption of energy, including manufacturing and engineering, extraction, refining, generation, sale and distribution.Explore them here at Icanbea....


Find out how to become an energy assessor here at BBC Bitesize:


Help power the country by joining the energy industry. Energy is one of the fastest growing industries. With reliance on renewable energy increasing, there are even more exciting new opportunities to get involved.


Skills for Energy is here to support you to think big and be ambitious. We champion the energy industry as the industry of choice for future and current jobs and investment.


Playing a central role in helping to offset the impact of climate change, the UK's renewable energy industry is at the forefront of technological development, with a range of careers available for graduates


The Employment and Skills Prospectus has been produced in consultation with regional education advisors and has been designed to give an overview on careers available and routes into developing the skills that Sizewell C and other projects in the region will need. 
The Jobs Service (
SZC Employment and Skills Prospectus


Take a closer look at the energy industry, with a selection of videos, guides and advice here:


You might also think that to work in the energy industry you will be required to work at a huge power station in the middle of nowhere, or on an oil rig in the North Sea. You also might think that to you will be risking life and limb every day, either in a mine which may collapse, or inside a huge dam which may burst at any point in one big watery explosion. So before you make the decision to get into energy and utilities, you should firstly discover what it’s really all about here:


Liam is the Community & Charity Engagement Manager for Drax. He has responsibility for all the outreach work in the community from engaging with school, volunteering, match funding, charitable giving & fundraising. I look after around 1,500 colleagues from across 5 different locations across England and Wales. Fun fact, his dissertation at University was all about Sir David Attenborough, and he even managed to speak to the great man to get a quote for it!


Meet Elysia who did an apprenticeship with Anglian Water


Find out about A-Levels on offer at Copleston Sixth Form here:


Search local Utilities / Water / Waste Management businesses here:


Search local energy and water opportunities here:


Find out about careers with UK Power Networks here:


Finid out about careers with Anglian Water here:


Read more about the importance of water conservation here: