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Copleston High School

We are proud of the opportunities that are available to our students. We encourage all students to broaden their horizons through involvement in enrichment activities. A strong enrichment portfolio not only demonstrates personal development but can also support applications to Russell Groups universities, jobs and apprenticeships. Future employers seek individuals with these skills. Participation in extra curricular activity and development of leadership skills are positively linked to securing prestigious positions.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The Extended project forms an important part of our enrichment offer and all Year 12 students will undertake the project in Year 12.

What is the EPQ?

The Extended Project Qualification is an additional qualification that students undertake alongside their A Level study. The project is designed to inspire, challenge and extend a range of skills through the development and realisation of a free choice topic, taking students beyond the scope of their A Level subjects.

Assessment is based on a portfolio of evidence as well as the final project outcome and as a result of its independent nature, is viewed favourably by many universities and is worth half an A Level in entry points. The final outcome could be a research article, a piece of art with a report, a physical item or “artefact” or a product to demonstrate a certain skill.

Why study an EPQ?

An EPQ is an excellent taster of university-style learning as it is effectively an independent research project which can, but does not have to, relate to an A Level subject that is being studied. Completing an EPQ in Year 12 will show to Universities that students have the academic interest, rigour and skills to go above and beyond their core A Level studies. It will also prove to future employers that you’re a self-motivated character with useful skills in your chosen field.

What could I study?

For example, an aspiring medic could write a research article analysing the difficulties associated with management of the NHS. A Historian who found The Cold War' in History really interesting could do an EPQ project on the role of nuclear weapons in contemporary international affairs.


Students have the opportunity to gain experience of helping another student, either in main school or Sixth Form, with pastoral or academic issues. Students would spend some time developing their mentoring skills before being allocated to a young person who would benefit from some mentoring. Students would gain invaluable interpersonal and leadership skills, which are vital for a range of different careers.


Vocational or Community Placements

Relevant work experience or community involvement can assist students in being successful when taking the next step after Sixth Form. Students can nominate non-contact periods in their timetable on a regular basis to either gain work experience or help out in some way in the school or wider community.

High-Quality Speakers

As part of our enrichment programme, students will come together at regular times throughout both Year 12 and 13 to hear high-quality speakers who will cover a range of different topics including:

  • University advice and guidance
  • Opportunities within the local job markets
  • Subject specific lectures
  • Fund raising opportunities
  • Safer driving
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Drug and Alcohol awareness


Enrichment Week

We also have an enrichment week that takes place at the end of June where all Year 12 students will have the opportunity to take part in:

•  Cultural and educational trips to Berlin and Rome

•  Day trips to Cambridge and London

•  A minimum of two days of work shadowing

•  Other trips that will be confirmed nearer the time