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Copleston High School

Welcome to the Copleston High School Examinations Home Page. From this location we hope to provide a "one stop shop" for all our student's examination needs.

Resources will include links to useful and trusted revision sites, frequently asked questions (FAQs), timetables and other general information which will assist through this important time.

The latest 2020-21 exam timetable is now available and ready to be be viewed. You will find a link to this at the bottom of this page.

Important Information


When a student misses an Examination through ill health, a Form 14 should be completed, stamped and countersigned by a member of staff at your GP’s Practice.

The Parent and student should complete a Form 14 and return the completed form to Mr. Shorten or a member of the Examinations Office staff.

Exams office staff

Exams Officer: Mr D Shorten

Exams Secretaries: Mrs Jenna Hodgetts

Phone: 01473 277 240 Ext 725