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Copleston High School

Key Stage 4 Pathways (Information, advice and guidance)

Every year students in year 8 are invited to a Pathways evening to help them make their GCSE choices.

This year's Pathways Parents' Information Evening WAs HELD on 6 March 2024 at 6pm. The DATE OF OUR 2025 EVENING WILL BE SHARED NEARER THE TIME. 

Students have a wide range of guidance and activities during school form time to help them with their subject choices. They will receive a booklet that will help them understand their own learning styles, character and approach to studying that can be used to consider future learning such as A levels or college. We also take year 8 students into A level taster sessions where they can learn about A levels, meet sixth form students and teachers and sample some of the course materials. We hope students are aspirational and make choices that challenges and takes them on a route that develops them more as an individual. 

The careers team will provide websites and virtual materials for students to peruse to help them consider apprenticeships or employment. Students will have access to Unifrog, an online careers and destinations programme, that helps them discover more about themselves and their likes and interests.

 Assemblies are provided whereby subject teachers can share information about their subjects at GCSE and GCSE students will also share their views and experiences. Parents have an information evening during which the whole pathways process and programme is shared. The choices form is then made available after the Pathways evening so that when all the information and guidance is taken into account, students can make their informed GCSE subject choices. 


At the bottom of the page you will find the most recent Year 8 Making Choices booklet for 2023 to supplement the virtual event. This is used alongside all other information carefully with your child before making the final option choices. 

Please click here for the Pathways online resource 2024.


The 2024 pathways booklet can be accessed below: