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Copleston High School

You'll need an investigative mind and the ability to understand large amounts of complex information in many jobs in legal services. If you have these skills, law might be your field.


Explore law and legal careers with the National Careers Service:


Law and Legal Services are a very valuable part of the world we live in, it is intertwined with almost every aspect of our society starting with registering your birth, through to marriage and buying a house.

When thinking about a career in the legal profession you would firstly need to think about what you would like to do, do you want to become a barrister, solicitor or would you prefer an alternative role such as a legal secretary, court clerk, coroner or legal journalist. Explore them here with Icanbea......


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The law sector offers high salaries and a range of careers, making it an attractive prospect for graduates. Find out what qualifications and training you'll need to join this highly-competitive industry.


Take a closer look at Law and Legal sector, with a selection of videos, guides and advice here:


His Honour, Judge Rupert Overbury will be speaking to us about his career as a Crown Court Judge. Judge Overbury sits at Ipswich Crown Court and has long been an advocate of bridging the gap between education & business and encouraging diversity in the Judiciary. In this conversation, we will be talking about his career and the career opportunities in the legal sector.


In this episode, we spoke with HHJ Inyundo, Tribunal Judge Bibi and DJ(MC) Clarke about their roles as Judges. This will be a fascinating insight into how three Judges got to where they are and exploring the legal sector for those interested in progressing into a similar pathway.


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