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Copleston High School

Copleston High School values reading and Literacy as the fundamental tool that allows access to the curriculum and betters a student's life chances.

Reading in the Classroom and Beyond

We encourage students to foster a love of reading and provide a fabulous list of suggested reading in our Learning Resource Centre newsletter. Please see the LRC separate for more details about the fabulous library, including E-books, visiting authors and the various reading schemes and projects that we have to offer. Regular readng ideas and lists are sent home to parents so that the reading experience can be enjoyed by all the family and encouragement starts at home. See below for more details. 

Weekly form time slots allow for independent reading for every child across the school and every lesson will contain the teaching of reading as well as modelling of reading by the teacher. Departments are encouraged to distribute reading lists and our SuperCurriculum document also has a set of reading ideas to take the student further on a journey of discovery. 

Teachers are encouraged to share key words and their definitions as well as links to other subjects and unpicking root words. Challenging texts are used but with an awareness that the language will need decoding and contextualising for some. In this, teachers are to teach reading and explore words as well as model exemplary reading and discuss meanings. Reading tasks may be set by some subjects and in English weekly reading is part of the home learning in most year groups. 

Click here for more ideas for parents about reading  at the National Literacy Trust

Book Buzz Scheme

From March 2021 we have joined with The Book Trust to offer all year 7 students a personally chosen (free) book from their Book Buzz project. Form tutors have also chosen a book and will read this to their form until completion. This is an exciting initiative and will see year 7s sharing their views and ideas on favourite authors and the stories they have read. Each student will also receive a free book that they can take home to read in their own time. 

Link to The Book Buzz scheme details

Please also take a look at the wonderful Macmillan books link with Marcus Rashford on their website plus plenty of other reading ideas here Macmillan Books and Marcus Rashford 

Literacy Intervention

We also appreciate that some students may need support and guidance with reading. The school offers additional literacy support to students that require additional intervention. This is part of the school curriculum and runs throughout years 7 and 8. Please see the Literacy/Numeracy Catch-Up in the Parents page for more details.