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Copleston High School

The Parent Partnership Forum is a body for parents/carers to be able to give feedback to the school, to help drive the school forward as a 'critical friend'. The group meets every half term and is always attended by a senior member of the school staff. It gives parents/carers the opportunity to :

  • provide feedback from students via their parents/carers
  • raise parental concerns and comments on school policies
  • give positive feedback where the school has done well

Each meeting focuses on one main topic. If appropriate, the lead person for the school in that area comes along to that meeting to be ‘grilled’ (in the nicest possible way of course). Recently, parents/carers considered ‘Transition to High School’ and how the school could improve it. At each meeting we agree the topic for discussion at the next meeting.

The Parent Partnership Forum is open to all parents/carers in the school. It's an excellent opportunity to get to know the school better and, at the same time, by attending you'll be contributing to driving the school forward in its aim for continuous improvement, by providing the school with another perspective on its performance. There are currently around a dozen parents/carers regularly attending so there is always room for more.

As parents/carers of children at the school, it is in all our interests to make the school as successful as possible - by coming to the Forum you have a chance to contribute in a positive way to the direction the school takes.

Meetings are at 6 p.m. (normally last about 1 hour) and generally take place in the Admin Suite.

Future meeting dates for next academic year

Parent Partnership Agenda Thursday 4 October 2018
Parent Partnership Agenda Thursday 15 November 2018
Parent Partnership Agenda Thursday 31 January 2019
Parent Partnership Agenda Thursday 14 March 2019
Parent Partnership Agenda Thursday 9 May 2019
Parent Partnership Agenda Thursday 27 June 2019