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Copleston High School

Pastoral Care and Support

At Copleston, we want to create an outstanding climate for learning.

It is important that our young people feel happy, supported and cared for in order to achieve their best in the classroom.  We believe that our Pastoral system provides the support and guidance that students need from Year 7 right the way through until Year 13.

Our Pastoral team is made up of both teaching and non-teaching staff. Each morning students meet their Form Tutor for registration and it is to this member of staff that students will turn to initially if they have a problem. Ordinarily, a student’s form tutor will stay with them as they progress through the school, building a positive relationship. Form tutors monitor home learning, school uniform and attendance as well as discussing behaviour (both positive and negative) with the members of their form group. Each year group is led by a Leader of Learning, who is assisted by an Assistant. The Leader of Learning coordinates the team of form tutors, ensuring that high standards are kept within the year group; they also have an overview of the progress made by all students in the year group. If it is felt that additional support is needed for specific students, this is implemented. Each year group also has a Director of Learning which is a member of the Senior Leadership Team who has an overview of a specific year group.

Students in each year group from Years 7-11 are also supported by a Pastoral Support Worker. As Pastoral Support workers do not teach they are able to deal immediately with issues as they arise. They also get to know their year group very well and will work with individuals or groups of students who may need additional support at particular times of the day.

Students may be mentored at various times during their school career in order for them to reach their potential; this may be by older students, their form tutor, members of their Year Team, or in the past by Business Mentors, who gave up their time to work with our students. A further important part of Pastoral support is the Attendance Team who monitor absence and punctuality. 

As well as members of Copleston staff, we also have support from external agencies whose staff are specialists in their field. Staff from the Integrated Team offer support to students who need extra support at a specific time in their school career; they also work with the students’ families if it is deemed necessary. Students and / or parents can request a meeting via the Leader of Learning.

The school Nurse holds a drop-in session on occasions during lunchtime within the school and many students take up this facility. Appointments can also be made at other times, coordinated again by the Leader of Learning.

We also have a wellbeing consultant, Ms Osman, who will see students on an individual basis after liaising with parents, staff and parents. She is there to guide and advise students on all aspects of their mental health and will support students outside of the classroom, providing a range of resources and help. 

Mr Palmer is the designated member of SMT staff in charge of Safeguarding

Mr Green Principal

Miss King Head of School