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For information about working in the public sector

Observe a GP - a free interactive video platform, it provides insights into medicine through videos and activities and will be live from 30th April 2020 

This course provides a 'virtual' work experience for those looking to apply to medical school. You will be introduced to the NHS before exploring the roles and skill sets of six different medical specialists. Along the way, you will also consider some of the challenges and wider issues doctors face.

Allied Health are bringing you some great content on health careers to share with pupils considering their options. Join them as they explore the benefits of careers in professions such as podiatry, therapeutic radiography, orthoptics, and prosthetics and orthotics.  Search for 'iseethedifference' in your search engine. 

Over 350 careers to choose from within the NHS. Explore the site for videos and careers and work experience advice


You’ll be using your communication skills and knowledge to help people develop and learn in many of these jobs. Whether you like working with children or training people in sports, this is a sector where you can use your knowledge and skills to help others.


Explore careers in administration with the National Careers Service:


Explore careers in teaching and education with the National Careers Service:


The UK Civil Service is made up of various departments and agencies which impartially work with the government to implement policies and laws which impact directly upon the lives of people living in the UK. Their job is to make sure that public services are maintained and kept in order no matter which political party is in power.
Departments within the Civil Service include HM Passport Office, Public Health England, DVLA, Companies House, Border Control, DEFRA to name but a few.Explore them here at Icanbea.... .


There are many different aspects to the education sector from classroom teaching, higher education lecturing, youth and community work to professional. Explore them here at Icanbea.... training.


Working in the health or social care sector can be extremely rewarding. Health care can include caring for patients in a hospital, dentist, opticians, pharmacy and in people’s homes, but there are also support roles which are essential to the day-to-day running of the health service. Explore these careers here at Icanbea....


Find out how to become an administrator here at BBC Bitesize:


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Answer your questions about jobs in the healthcare sector here at BBC Bitesize:


Explore job profiles and apprenticeship opportunities in public administration here:


If you’re passionate about caring for people and making a difference to people’s lives - then a career in healthcare and social services could be for you. Find out more here:


Public services offer a variety of opportunity for the 5.6 million already working in the public sector. You could work for local or national government, health or social care, education or business administration or in law enforcement.


Take a closer look at the public admin sector, with a selection of videos, guides and advice here:


Take a closer look at the healthcare sector, with a selection of videos, guides and advice here:


Health and social care is a broad career sector. Healthcare is about helping people who are having problems with their physical health. Social care is concerned with helping vulnerable people in the community and providing them with support so that they can enjoy a better quality of life. Find out about them here:


Mike gives advice to governments and international companies on how to make sure that national training and education works for everyone. Ensuring it helps people get jobs and make money, and help companies and governments find talented people. Poorer countries are working hard to get this right, so he works with World Bank and United Nations.


Careers and Enterprise Company LOUD series interviews a doctor and asks why she decided to choose this career


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