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Copleston High School

Selling ice pops 


In each year group, Students have the opportunity to represent their tutor group on the School Council which meets once per half term. Being on the School Council involves sharing information and ideas for improvements between school leaders and students, and helping to plan and organise charity events. Once you are on the year group School Council, there are opportunities to join the Whole School Council. This brings together issues that are affecting all year groups and we try to find solutions to these. For example, in the last few years School Council has met with the caterers and new ideas were introduced onto the menus.

Each year, the School council is involved in several charity events. Each year group picks a charity and plans events to raise money for that charity. Recently we have had cake sales, competitions and selling icepops during the Summer Term.

Larger charity events are organised by the Whole School Council such as collecting and delivering donations for FIND at Christmas.

Selling ice pops