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Copleston High School

Sexual Harassment

Copleston High School has a very strict approach to this area of concern and regularly shares vital information and updates with parents, staff and students. 

Healthy relationships 

In summer 2021 the ‘Everyone’s Invited’ website was inundated with testimonials from students about sexual harassment and violence that thy had suffered. Ofsted conducted an immediate report, visiting over 30 schools and speaking to nearly 1000 young people. A significant majority of the girls reported they had suffered some form of harassment, mostly non-contact, much of it online. Many fewer boys said they received any form of harmful sexual behaviour. Ofsted have added this to KCSIE 2022 Part 5 which all schools will be judged on how they respond. We wanted to share some useful resources, what we are doing and who they can go to in school.   

Who can your child go to? 

A clear message from the Ofsted report is that this is not ‘if’ this is happening it’s ‘when’ and ‘what is being done about it?’ We have posters up in the school which accompanied regular training given to students. This clearly details who the safeguarding team are and where to find them.  If they cannot be found then a student must talk to a teacher or tutor within the school. It is important that they do this as soon as possible. All staff complete annual mandatory training. Any referrals will be treated with dignity and respect. Confidence will be ensured, apart from any necessary referrals to the safeguarding team.  Please email with any questions. 

‘Is This Ok?’  It is a free, confidential, and anonymous, digital gateway for young people aged between 13-18 at risk of, or currently experiencing, sexual or criminal exploitation and/or abuse.  

Online chat has been proven to work for young people. Young people have said that they are more likely to seek help from professionals via text and online. It is a medium they are very familiar with and it’s not a parent or teacher whom they may feel uncomfortable speaking to. 

Using Is This OK? young people can:  

  • Seek local information / support,  
  • Talk to a chatbot  
  • Speak to a trained professional.  

This was shared with students and several posters have gone up around school. 

Further resources can be found on our Useful Links page.