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Copleston High School

What our students say about their experiences at Sixth Form really matters to us. This is why we actively seek and encourage students to have their say and work with us to make Sixth Form a positive and rewarding experience for all.

Copleston Sixth Form's student voice is led by Team Six. Team Six consists of our Head Prefects in Year 13 and Assistant Prefects in Year 12. These students have volunteered themselves as ambassadors for the Sixth Form and key drivers in ensuring the experience is positive for every student. In addition to their Sixth Form duties, Team Six also support the main school council. This provides them with the opportunity to develop leadership and good communication skills, as well as being able to be actively involved in progressing key areas for students and the school. Members of this team meet regularly with Dr Walker, the Director of Sixth Form and other senior members of staff.

Moreover, both Students (and their parents) are asked for their opinions about the Sixth Form on a regular basis during their time with us. Surveys and focus groups are conducted by both subjects, and the Sixth Form team, to find out how we are doing and what we can do even better to improve student and parent experiences. Sixth Form students also have one to one interviews with their form tutors at least once every term which provide them with the opportunity to share their views.

Here are some of the things our students say about their experience of life in the Sixth Form.

‘CHS Sixth Form has such a friendly and secure atmosphere.’
‘As an external student the Sixth Form welcomed me and I soon felt that I belonged.’
‘I feel settled in the Sixth Form and able to develop as a learner.’
‘The Basketball Academy is like a family.’
‘You get a lot of support when you need it.’
‘We have good facilities that make us ready to learn.’
‘Someone is always there to help, whatever you want. It is impressive and reassuring.’
‘I am glad I stayed at Copleston because of the outstanding support we get here.’
‘You get treated as a young adult but you are expected to work.’
‘The relationship between staff and students is respectful and helps us feel more confident as learners.’
‘I really value the variety of spaces in which we can study. We can always find somewhere quiet to study where we know we will not be disturbed.’
‘Sixth Form life is consistently challenging and eventful. There’s a tremendous buzz around the place that is exciting to be a part of.’
‘I have found life in CHS Sixth form to always be interesting and rewarding. I don’t want to leave!’
‘Life at Copleston is full of real and constantly emerging opportunities.’
‘The teachers at Copleston make a massive effort to support you if you miss a lesson. You know they are there to help.’
‘You have the freedom to study in your own way.’
‘CHS Sixth Form prepares you for University. Extra Curricular Revision has helped me so much. The support is better than at private schools.’
‘The teachers are brilliant. The lessons are frequently amazing. It’s a wonderfully diverse atmosphere.’
‘It’s a real community everyone works together.'
‘There’s a genuinely philanthropic element to the Sixth form; we are encouraged to reach out and help to others.’
‘Not once have I gone to teacher for extra help without receiving it. I couldn’t fault it.’
‘I feel proud to be part of it.’