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Copleston High School

Student and Staff ViewS

What do our students think of our school?

“I think what makes Copleston so special is the unique teaching style and approach, where teachers get to know their students and assist them based on their own personal strengths and weaknesses, not just teaching the class as a collective. The staff are always really positive and try to uplift both the student's grades and spirits, encouraging us to strive further and achieve more. The school also focuses on nurturing students and helping to make us the best versions of ourselves we can be, training us to be polite, resilient, understanding individuals that can contribute more in society.” - Year 12 student
“The teachers and cooking staff are so unbelievably friendly and helpful it is a genuine joy to go to school.” - Year 12 student
“The teachers are exceptional and help so much during lesson as well as giving up lots of their time to give specific support in revision or one on one sessions.” – Year 13 student
“The community at Copleston makes it a really special place, all the staff are so supportive and the school provides lots of opportunities that allow you to get closer to your peers.” – Year 12 student
“The atmosphere is positive and the students are friendly.” – Year 13 student
“Copleston offers a variety of enriching and helpful after school revision sessions for in exam years. They give out useful booklets and talk through key exam skills and content information. I value them immensely and truly believe that they will be key to my exam success.  Copleston’s reward system ensures that all students can be recognised by members of staff and their peers for their positive attitude, actions and behaviour.  I think that the system is incredibly beneficial to students, as it boosts self esteem and encourages a better school community as a whole. Copleston has a wide range of facilities to cater for every need, and I personally believe that a lot of thought, time and effort goes into the maintenance and upkeep of these.” – Year 11 student
“I am a prefect in Copleston, which I have had a lot of fun doing when it comes to managing student leaders, attending events and helping younger students. Being a prefect involves being responsible, reliable and hardworking which would be perfect for anyone who is confident. The best thing about being a prefect is wearing a special jumper with your name on it!” – Year 11 student
“Revision sessions are helpful when not knowing what to be revising for GCSEs. They go over topics that you wouldn’t be going over again in class and give you the opportunity to revise them.” – Year 11 student
“Exam skills sessions really helped me to get on top of my revision during Year 11. Having teachers go through topics helped me to learn to break down my revision and focus on topics in a different way by working up to answering exam questions. Teachers are always happy to help you work through problems in class or provide extra support outside of lessons if you're struggling. Leading up to my exams my teachers were great with letting me come in and go through topics I didn't understand with them.” – Year 12 student
“I was involved in the Student Leader programme as a student prefect. I think it is crucial for these programmes to teach you important leadership skills and great empathy skills. I am now a part of Team Six and excited to help the school further in more advanced projects.” – Year 12 student
"I felt really supported from the school about my choices. Now I'm here, they are still giving us loads of resources to help... There's nothing to worry about!" Year 9 view on the Year 8 Pathways process
"I feel more interested now because I am achieving and learning things I enjoy." – Year 9 student on choosing their option subjects
"Pathways helped me to choose subjects which I now really enjoy doing and am interested in." – Year 9 student
"When choosing my GCSE options, I was given a lot of advice and guidance from teachers, to help me pick which subjects were best." Year 9 Student
"I am very excited about aiming towards my dream job through GCSE. Getting help through tough decisions makes me feel ready to take a big step forward. I am looking forward to my options and getting help from teachers." Year 8, about to begin the Pathways process
“The taster sessions for Sixth Form have been amazing and really give you a preview of what the lessons would be like at A-level. I also really enjoy the revision sessions in form and after school as it doesn’t feel like you're putting in any extra time or effort but you are and it’s really effective.” – Year 11 student
“I am part of the school netball team and Tanzanite dance club and both of these groups really make you feel like you’re part of a team, especially when you’re performing in a show or playing in a match.” – Year 11 student
“Copleston Sixth Form gave me the chance to travel to Iceland in 2023 and although not being a Geography A level student, the Sixth Form branched across both year groups making this an accessible trip to the whole student body which I was really grateful for! Especially knowing that this was some of my peers' first time leaving the country, making it a fantastic opportunity to explore the natural world and different cultures.” – Year 13 student
“I went on the 2023 trip to Spain. Being able to have the opportunity to speak to the local Spanish people really helped me to develop my skills in the language and improved my confidence for the speaking exam later in the year. Trips are a great way to see the subjects you take from a different perspective and gain a greater understanding from having a practical experience with it. I think they are a very important part as it provides a very memorable experience and helps ignite a passion for your subject.” – Year 12 student

What is it like to work at Copleston?

“Copleston has an extremely welcoming staff which has made it very easy to settle in since joining in September 2023. The students are polite, courteous and eager to learn - this makes the job enjoyable and means that I can concentrate on the learning that is taking place in the classroom and not on poor behaviour. There is a high level of support from other department heads, the Leaders of Learning and senior leadership, all of whom often pop into the classroom to check that all is well with behaviour. This is a great place to work and I would whole-heartedly recommend it.” – Mrs Quintero-Hunt, Head of Faculty, Business and Economics
“The senior leadership team is supportive. The students are polite and hardworking. I have felt so welcomed to the school, starting as a temporary member of staff during the pandemic. Becoming a permanent member of staff was really pleasing. – Miss Parnell, Teacher of Humanities
“School 100% supportive during illness, letting me concentrate on my recovery and making my return to school very stress-free.” – Copleston Staff
"I joined in September 2023 and since then I have found all staff that I have come into contact with are supportive, helpful and friendly. The English team are always available for questions [and] have spent time guiding me through aspects of the school or my new role as KS4 Coordinator.
I have also found that everyone supports the behaviour policy in the school from regular drop-ins by SMT, my line manager or KS Leads within the department. There is a real sense of everyone being on the same page when managing behaviour in such a large school, which for me is a rewarding experience."
- Mrs Rashid, English teacher and KS4 Coordinator
"Copleston is my second home - hence why I have worked here for 22 years! It is an incredibly supportive place to work and to be for both staff and students. My own children have gone, and are going, through the school and I can't thank my colleagues enough for the support and excellent teaching they gave which helped my eldest daughter achieve superb GCSE results, including 5 at grade 9." - Mrs Keats, Director of English
"I have been teaching at Copleston for 8 years and I firmly believe you could not find a more supportive school to work at. Everyone here wants the best outcomes for our students and we work collaboratively every single day to achieve this.- Copleston Staff
"I love the 'family feel' about the whole school - a real feeling of community which is evident from the moment you walk into the school to the time you walk out again." - Mrs Rudland, Pastoral Admin Support