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Copleston High School

Team Six is our team of student prefects. They act as our student body and represent our Year 12 and 13 students. Our Team Six cohort consists of two roles: Head Prefect and Assistant Prefect. Our Head Prefects are our Year 13 representatives and they are supported by our Year 12 Assistant Prefects. This system allows for a progression and consistency where our Head Prefects can demonstrate leadership and our Assistant Prefects can be successors in the following year. Currently our Team Six consists of 24 students: 14 Head Prefects and 10 Assistant Prefects. These students represent many, if not all, of our key demographics within Copleston Sixth Form: students who studied at Copleston in main school, students who are new to Copleston for Sixth Form, members of our Sixth Form from the LGBQT+ community and students of many ethnicities and backgrounds.

The purpose of this group is to drive and affect change in our Sixth Form. Often this will be through student-led initiatives and at other times will involve proposals being made to the Sixth Form Leadership Team. They also drive our community spirit, through running and creating community initiatives such as the Christmas Quiz and charity events.

Some examples of prominent Team Six initiatives include:

  • The introduction of our Sixth Form café
  • The annual Christmas Quiz, competed in by form groups
  • Our Copleston Super League – a student run 5 a side league that takes place every Friday
  • An Oxbridge preparation group, led by Year 13s to support aspirational Year 12s who are keen to apply to Oxford and Cambridge Universities.