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Copleston High School

TLC - Our Teaching & Learning Staff Bulletin

Approximately once per half term, we produce our TLC Bulletin - "Teaching and Learning @ Copleston".

This bulletin reflects on aspects of our teaching and learning we would like to highlight, and it draws upon staff expertise from within the school as well as blogs, videos and other resources from other education professionals. We are proud of our teaching and learning and we want to share our expertise, so we now share our bulletins on Twitter for other schools and teaching professionals to read. We also share the bulletin with our other trust schools. 

All editions of our bulletins can be accessed via the links below. Please note that some of the earlier editions may not be available externally, but all the most recent ones are fully accessible to all. 

Edition 23, Summer half term 1, with a focus on small tweaks to our classroom practice for big results

Edition 22, Easter edition, with an update on the 6 pillars work

Edition 21 Spring edition, focusing on culture/ethos/behaviour, oracy and the link between the two

Edition 20 Christmas edition, celebratory 20th issue with a focus on the 6 pillars

Edition 19 Autumn 2023, with a focus on building relationships and entry/exit routines

Edition 18 Summer half term 2 2023, with a focus on cold-calling

Edition 17 Summer half term 1, with a focus on live marking

Edition 16 Easter 2023, with focus on revision, use of flashcards and a reminder about live-marking & cold-calling

Edition 15 Valentines Edition 2023, with focus on verbal feedback, live assessment and use of the visualiser

Edition 14 Winter 2022, with focus on Extended and Accurate Writing

Edition 13 Autumn 2022, including focus on cold-calling

Edition 12 Summer edition, including focus on Going Beyond The Curriculum

Edition 11 Easter edition, including focus on revision and KOs

Edition 10 Valentines edition, including retrieval practice, KOs, vocabulary and reading

Edition 9 Christmas edition, including continued focus on Challenge

Edition 8 including a focus on Challenge from our Base 6

Edition 7 including knowledge organisers and SLANT

Edition 6 including a video guide to the Base Six

Edition 5 including reading across the curriculum and tips for re-establishing expectations on the return to school

Edition 4 including SharePoint for knowledge organisers, feedback review and We Are In Beta

Edition 3 including the Base 6 and knowledge organisers

Edition 2 including flipped learning, Padlet and planning tips

Edition 1 including Emily's tips for feedback in Teams