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Copleston High School

The transport industry includes all types of travel, from airlines to trains, and lorries to taxis. For some jobs you’ll need to enjoy driving and have good concentration and for others you may need planning and organisational skills. If public-facing jobs interest you, you’ll need good customer service skills.


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Transport and Logistics is all about the movement of people and goods which is essential to the smooth running of the UK.The range of career opportunities within the industry is vast from transport management and planning to warehouse storage and delivery drivers. Explore them here at Icanbea...


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Transport and logistics is one of the biggest sectors in the entire world, with a host of very different types of career on offer. You don’t have to be on the open road (or sky, or ocean). There are so many office jobs involved in moving things from A to B, too, and plenty of career opportunities because the UK has the biggest transport industry in Europe. You could be working with your hands, or honing your sales skills, or planning ways for operations to work smoothly.


With the government investing billions of pounds into the UK's transport infrastructure, skilled workers are in high demand in this growing industry. So discover what attributes and qualifications are needed for careers in the transport and logistics sector.


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Take a look at job opportunities with Transport for London and you may be surprised at what you discover: a rich heritage, a commercial outlook, an iconic brand, a unique public service. It all adds up to make Transport for London a great place to develop your career.


Jack Callis completed an apprenticeship through Suffolk New College and is working as an IT Support Technician for Maritime Transport Ltd


Meet Jennifer, a Communication Manager, talk about her subject choices and route in to her current role


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