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Copleston High School

Copleston High School's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is powered by SharePoint. This allows students to  view department webpages, find and use important resources for their homework and coursework and view important school notices.

Every department in the school is in the process of developing their own website within SharePoint to provide important information and resources for students. Students can access SharePoint from any computer in school or out of school by logging in with their usual network login.

New Online Learning platform- 'Satchel One'

Students will also be able to access school and home learning via Satchel One, the new online learning platform that wil lbe launched from September 2020. This will allow students, parents and teachers to set work, monitor progress and analyse outcomes quickly and easily. It will also allow for an open dialogue to take place between the student and teacher, thus providing personalised and bespoke information to help the student develop.