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Copleston High School

Religious education

Curriculum Maps

The topics we study are outlined in our curriculum maps:


How will my child be assessed?


Assessment and Feedback Outline Approach


One unit is taught per term. Each unit has a formal summative assessment at the end which receives detailed written feedback from the teacher. Literacy for each unit is highlighted at the beginning of the unit and a literacy test is set. This is peer marked and students review their spelling. Mid-term reviews are a set of 10 questions built around the unit’s key factual information which will be tested in lesson. Homework is a mixture of literacy tasks and creative assignments.


Students study 8 topics, each has an end of unit test which is based upon real exam questions. Students receive detailed written feedback and have the opportunity to improve their answers. Key word tests occur during each topic, along with a mid-term review which are peer marked. Mock exams in Year 10 and 11 also have detailed written feedback. In addition, exam practice writing of 12 mark essays, supported with model answers are regularly set in lesson which are peer reviewed and teacher assessed. Homework is usually reading with accompanying questions to answer.


An assessment timeline is shared with the students, which includes monthly summative assessments which receive detailed written feedback, along with formal mock exams. Some research tasks are also identified for detailed written feedback. Exam questions using marks schemes and model answers and recap quizzes are examples of where peer and self-assessment can be used.