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Copleston High School

Curriculum Maps

The topics we study are outlined in our curriculum maps:

How will my child be assessed?


Assessment and Feedback Outline Approach


Students will follow the new Dynamo 1 course in Years 7-8 along with additional cultural topics. Each unit of work from Dynamo has a formal summative assessment. Listening, reading, writing and speaking skills will be assessed throughout the key stage.  Translation and extended writing tasks are incorporated into the different units, these are also identified for detailed written feedback. Spelling tests, grammar exercises and some reading and listening tasks are examples of where peer and self-assessment can be used.


Students follow the AQA Studio course book. Each topic delivered has an end of unit test which receives detailed written feedback. Mock exams in Year 10 and 11 also have detailed written feedback. Spelling tests for key vocabulary and core structures, reading and listening comprehensions, grammatical exercises, exam questions using mark schemes and model answers, and homework questions are all examples of where peer and self-assessment can be used.


Students follow the AQA French A level course. At the end of each module  summative assessments are set which receive detailed written feedback, along with formal mock exams. Students are given guidance and set individual targets connected with the Individual research project. Exam questions using marks schemes and model answers and grammatical exercises are examples of where peer and self-assessment can be used. Detailed written feedback is given on the paper 2 essay paper as well as any practice/mock speaking tests.